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Web Designing

Web designing is all about finding a concept that caters to an enterprise’s objectives, planning around that concept and then implementing in terms of creating multiple electronic files that determine the look of the webpage such as in text style, color, layout etc.

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Web Application Development

Web application development plays a critical role in the life cycle of a website. It is the core coding that keeps the web applications together. Our experienced team of developers offers you, customized web application which caters to your needs and is comprehensive.

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Content Management Systems

CMS is the backbone of the digital content of your website. Therefore the one that you choose for your website should make things easier for you and your team rather than making it difficult for you to make changes to the content of your website.

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UI/UX Consulting

Be it user Interface, or User Experience, the moment the user comes to the website either he or she makes the connection or breaks it. We understand how important it is to make sure that interface that the end user is using needs to be user- friendly so that the user could interact with the system in the simplest way.

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iOS Development

Infasta Technologies is an expert iPhone development firm having the adequate competence, authority, and knowledge to transform.

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Android Application Development

Open source, royalty free, license free, that’s Android. It’s best mobile platform for inter-application integration.

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Leading the Way in Offshore Software Development

Leading the way in offshore software development services, we understand the challenges and limitations of setting up projects. Our experienced and versatile team puts together the scope of the project and assesses its longevity in terms of resources and revenue.

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Digital Marketing

Your Digital marketing Partner, helping you to showcase your business and brand in front of the global market. We provide all kind of marketing solution customized and specific to your company's needs.We make sure that your brand gets the maximum visibility all the time with various solutions and tools and we do it with passion.

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Content Writing Services

Raise an order mentioning the content quality, quantity, expected price band and rate of recurrence or regularity.

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PSD Conversions Services

An investment in Infasta design and markup services is a way for sustaining business growth by availing the benefits from the best technological resources.

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Industries we serve

People get confused when buying bank products, what features best suit them and which bank to partner with. We simplify these concerns for your prospective customers and get them right to you.


We know creating dominance in Real Estate business is challenging in a highly competitive industry. We make it easy to find prospects with our cost-effective solution.


With the presence of major players in travel industry, it is vital to stay ahead of your competitors and helping your clients achieve excellence in their business.


Encouraging people to download your new application is one of the tedious tasks. Find out how, we have simplified the situation for our clients through our solutions.


Customer experience and behavior are key to driving conversions.Brands and retailers best positioned to succeed with digital technology will win.


We understand that buying products and channels vary across different manufacturing sectors, and require an understanding of the specifics of your business to be successful.


Today, healthcare businesses are becoming more dependent on internet and social networks to maximize their marketing efforts. We are here to help your company stand out from the rest.


Whether you’re running an online training or a campus-based school, we help education organizations improve student enrolments right away. See how our clients are benefiting from us.


Our Portfolio

Customer relations

We are proud to have a legion of 9000+ satisfied customers who feel free to fall back on us when it is time for an upgrade. We have effectively and professionally completed over 5000 projects and launched thousands of websites. Our customers never fail to acknowledge the expertise and competency of our highly talented team of 35 professional web developers.

Retention Rate 98%
Projects 500+
Clients 100+
Talented Experts 10+


Jobstats tool is an internal tool where the information related to the employees are found. Contact details, HR related data can be found here

Beeberg tool is used for task management i.e., the details regarding to whom the task is assigned, the time schedules related and time invested for each project. It is updated on regular basis by all the employees handling projects.

All in one app - Parents can get the school information they want and need via their smartphone. From classwork updates to exam results, timetable, picture gallery, receive documents, events calendar and organization updates.

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